DoP Rachel Morrison’s off-center, oddly-angled compositions add an edginess, enhanced by the faint handheld quiver of the camera while heightened colors are deployed sparingly to signal Claire’s breaks with reality. - Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter
Colangelo follows these parallel one-on-one relationships while remaining attentive to the feel of the community surrounding them. Marcelo Zarvos's sensitive score and fine lensing by Rachel Morrison make her job easier... - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter
Rachel Morrison's cinematography is as alive as the characters, which also helps the movie achieve something rare: the sense that you're walking beside someone through their life. This may be why so many come out of it wishing they could have done something to save him - Bob Strauss, LA Daily NewsUnder the guidance of cinematographer Rachel Morrison, the BART trains look like urban snakes, vipers speeding along tracks and devouring humans at each station - Dwight Brown, Huffington PostThe Bay Area itself becomes a character, populated by black beanies, water rushing onto the rocks of the bay, and that distinct diction and physical bravado embodied by Grant and his friends, all framed beautifully by cinematographer Rachel Morrison, who shot on super 16mm film here - Nijla Mumin, IndiewireTech credits are solid, with Rachel Morrison’s fluid handheld camerawork giving the actors room to breathe, and sound designer Bob Edwards’ work especially attuned to the power of silence - Geoff Berkshire, Variety
Rachel Morrison’s lovely photography is at all times a treat, finding beauty in unlikely spots in Rudy’s squalid apartment, as well as what seems an eternally dusky Los Angeles - David Noh, Film Journal InternationalThe 1970s are, in a sense, a central character in the social clash to come. The production design by Elizabeth Garner, costumes by Samantha Kuester and the shooting by cinematographer Rachel Morrison evoke the time in careful detail - Betsey Sharkey, Los Angeles Times
Director von Scherler Mayer enhances the overall air of heightened realism by having lenser Rachel Morrison pursue the actors in the manner of a cinema-verite documentarian, framing shots and choosing angles with a randomness that is doubtless more seeming than real - Joe Leydon, Variety
“Sound of My Voice” is an economically assembled film that knows what it’s doing at every step, and Batmanglij appears to have channeled his limited resources for maximum effectiveness; Tamara Meem’s editing is sharp, Rachel Morrison’s lensing often splendidly unnerving as the camera presses up close against the characters. - Justin Chang, Variety"Sound of My Voice" has other strengths that speak well for the people who made it: warm and intimate cinematography by Rachel Morrison... - Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal